How to work with less clients but increase revenue

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There are many ways to decrease the number of clients and still increase revenue. Some being: increase prices, sell recurring products or services and so on. What I would like to write about today is a sales roadmap for your business.

If you are right now selling different sorts of products and services but are not always sure what to offer a client once your engagement has ended, this is the newsletter for you!

A sales roadmap is a chronological (and visual) plan for all your products or services. It maps out all your offers following your customer’s development or other progress (in relation to time).

A sales roadmap can be used both in a vertical/niche market and horizontally in a broad market. Its all about what is logical for your customer personas. The benefit is not only to know what to offer your clients next, you also save a lot of time and money to sell more to your existing customers rather than getting new ones all the time. You might also discover important pieces missing that you can use to create new products and/or services.

If you have recurring sales, your cashflow is a lot more stable, meaning you can plan ahead and take time off or invest in other things. Another benefit is that it makes it easier to understand your customer lifetime value, which in turn makes it easier to understand how much you can spend on marketing to win a new client.

If you market the next logical product/service within the current product/service, you will sell more since you are marketing to an existing (hopefully happy) client in the time they need it the most. Its important to not overwhelm the current product/service though, just be subtle and non-intrusive.

Thanks for reading!
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